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Image Sumanta Basu

Sumanta Basu

Assistant Professor
Sumanta Basu is broadly interested in structure learning and prediction of complex, high-dimensional systems arising in biological and social sciences. His current research focuses on network modeling of high-dimensional time series and nonlinear ensemble learning methods.
Image Jim Booth
James Booth's teaching mission is to enhance and support the graduate program in statistics, the undergraduate program in biometry and statistics, and more broadly, statistics education at Cornell.
Image Andy Clark

Andrew Clark

Professor and Chair
Andrew G. Clark is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Population Genetics and Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator.
Image Joe Guinness

Joe Guinness

Associate Professor

Joe Guinness studies modeling and computational issues that arise in the analysis of large spatial-temporal datasets, with a focus on applications in earth sciences, including soil, weather, and climate. He teaches a graduate course in spatial statistics.
Jaehee Kim

Jaehee Kim

Assistant Professor
Jaehee Kim's research interests are in the general fields of population-genetic dynamical systems, statistical genetics, and mathematical phylogenetics. She also applies mechanistic understanding of population genetics and evolutionary biology to solve important questions in mathematical epidemiology and forensic genetics.
William Lai image

William Lai

Assistant Research Professor
Will Lai is interested in epigenomic approaches to understanding the mechanisms of gene regulation in eukaryotic systems. We focus on combining genomics with bioinformatic algorithm development to deconvolute the eukaryotic regulatory network.
Image Susan McCouch

Susan McCouch

Susan McCouch is a biologist and plant breeder who studies the distribution of natural variation in populations of wild and domesticated rice. She uses information about population structure and the genetic architecture of complex traits to enhance the efficiency of plant improvement, working closely with international collaborators.
Image Philipp Messer

Philipp Messer

Associate Professor
Philipp Messer is interested in a broad range of questions in evolutionary biology and population genetics. His research focuses on developing computational and theoretical approaches to study the fundamental processes that underlie molecular evolution.
Jason Mezey image

Jason Mezey

Jason Mezey is a statistical geneticist working in the area of quantitative genetics (i.e. the genetics of complex phenotypes). 
Image Xiaomu Wei

Xiaomu Wei

Assistant Research Professor
Xiaomu Wei is broadly interested in cancer genetics/genomics with a strong focus on the identification and functional characterization of novel predisposing mutations in human cancers.
April Wei

Xinzhu (April) Wei

Assistant Professor
April Wei is interested in developing and applying population and evolutionary genetics theory to understand human evolution and health. Her recent research focuses on developing accurate and scalable methods for inferring complex demographic history and for understanding genetic and phenotypic evolution in light of population admixture. April will begin her position with us on January 1, 2022.
Image Martin Wells
Martin Wells' research interests center on applied and theoretical statistics and sometimes cross the boundary into applied probability.
Image Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Associate Professor
Amy Williams' research focuses on developing computational methods that leverage large scale genetic datasets to learn about human genetic history, evolution, and the genetic basis of human disease. She is also broadly interested in genetic studies that shed light on haplotype evolution, particularly meiotic recombination.
Haiyuan Yu

Haiyuan Yu

Haiyuan Yu's research interests are in Quantitative and experimental systems biology; Statistical genetics; Comparative genomics; Machine learning; Molecular evolution; and Disease prognosis analysis.